Glucose Sensors

Gain an understanding of glucose sensors and their key differences. Find out ways to optimize usage and ensure you are able to trust blood glucose readings to make confident decisions related to managing diabetes. Find out how to make glucose sensors last longer by mastering optimal placement methods and techniques for handling allergies. Learn the art of interpreting glucose sensor reports effectively, avoiding overwhelm while extracting actionable insights.

What you'll get:

  • 40 Minutes of Video Content
  • PDF Download
  • Review Quiz
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Friendly
  • Available in English and more languages coming.

Course content:

  • Introduction (3 min) 
  • 1. Comparison of Different Sensors (8.5 min) 
  • 2. Reliability of Glucose Sensors (8 min)
  • 3. Effective Sensor Site Managament (9 min)
  • 4. Interpreting Sensor Reports (5 min) 
  • 5. Expert Insights (2 min)
  • Knowledge Test (10 min)
  • Feedback (2 min)
  • Certification & Downloads (1 min)

Students will gain an understanding of current glucose sensors, their use and reliability, effective site management, interpreting results, and expert insights into using them correctly.

This course is not intended as medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment.