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Dr Inge Van Boxelaer
Ghent, Belgium

Dr. Inge Van Boxelaer works as an endocrinologist at the General Hospital St-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. Her expertise lies in the field of diabetes technology, and she is the founder of Diabetotech. Additionally, she holds the position of President at the Belgian professional Society of Endocrino-Diabetologists and serves as a board member of the Diabetes Liga. Dr. Van Boxelaer also contributes to the advisory boards of Diabetes Plus and Diabeter.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest
The author has received a speaker’s fee of Medtronic, Menarini, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and ViCentra

Declaration of Financial Support
The author receives financial support of DiabetoTech for her contribution to the Diabetes Technology Expert Program